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Elsie's Orange Button — A Site to Celebrate My Creative/Crafty Side…

Elsie's Orange Button

A Site to Celebrate My Creative/Crafty Side…

A trip to the doll hospital

Filed under: Sewing | Tags: | November 25th, 2011

Claire came to North Vancouver for a visit.  She was at the doll hospital, went to the “spa” and got a new dress.

Claire needed to visit the doll hospital because some of her leg seams were coming undone.  She got all fixed up, but it might not last.  I’m quite disappointed with the wear of the jersey fabric that I used.  Oh well, maybe she’ll go on a permanent holiday the next time she visits.

Here she is enjoying her spa treatment.


Knitted Gift

Filed under: Knitting | Tags: | November 24th, 2011

My knitting group is having a Christmas pot luck and gift exchange next week.  Since it’s with knitters, it would be poor form to bring a gift that wasn’t knit or knitting related.

I’ve made up a little gift…combining my knitting and sewing.  Check out the bracelet that I made!



You can’t catch me…

Filed under: AONW, Sewing | Tags: | November 19th, 2011

…or maybe you did…

This is our new festive door decoration!

Quite a number of the residents in our building put wreaths on their doors in recent weeks.  Our door was looking a little neglected, but I just didn’t know what I wanted to decorate it with.   I have been keeping my eyes peeled for something fun while I have been attending various craft fairs…but I wasn’t really inspired by anything that I saw.  I was finally inspired after going to a craft show today.

I bought a wee gingerbread man felt ornament (with all limbs in tact) today.  On my way home, I had an ah-ha moment and decided to whip up a larger version, minus a leg, for our door.

I think our neighbours will get a kick out of it!

Keeping up with tradition…almost

Filed under: Gardening | Tags: | November 16th, 2011

It’s a bit late in the season, but I finally got around to planting my bulbs today.  I planted Daffodils, Tulips, Irises, Crocuses, and Snowdrops, layered in 2 big pots.

I think I might now hold the family record for the latest bulb planting.

I know that my mum once planted tulips on November 15th…in 1976…the very next day I was born.

Apparently the tulips were quite lovely in 1977.  We’ll see how they turn out in 2012!

It’s been awhile…

Filed under: Artsy Sister, Knitting | Tags: | November 11th, 2011

September 21st?  That was my last post.  That is pretty shameful.

I really must post a pic of our bathroom.  It’s nearly done.  Just a bit of finishing yet to do (mirror, towel bars, a bit of touch up paint).  That reno seriously cut into my crafting time.

I’ve finally started again.  And to celebrate my return to craft, I have decided to try a new fibre technique…French Knitting (a.k.a. spool knitting or corking).  I picked up this little spool when I was visiting my Artsy Sis in Geneva a few years ago.

I hadn’t used it since buying it 3.5 years ago!  But,  with a little bit of internet research, and a very helpful youtube video, I was soon on my way.  Well…I made a bit of progress…



Man craft has taken over lives

Filed under: Craft Room | Tags: | September 21st, 2011

We are in the middle of a bathroom reno which means that things are a bit chaotic in our place.  My craft room/ Zoe’s nursery has been turned into a work tool storage area, and my crafting is at an all time low.  Our bathroom has been stripped down to the studs and there is a layer of dust everywhere.  Here’s a pic of the work in progress!

Parachuting in to save the day!

Filed under: Secret Project | Tags: | August 3rd, 2011

Gramma pointed out that Zoe’s change area is a bit boring.

I had to agree that there really wasn’t much for her to look at as she was being changed.  Poor Zoe.

So, I decided that I should decorate the space.

It’s a work in progress…but Zoe seems to like the improvements.  Here she is admiring her parachuting mice!

I bought the mice.   Aren’t they cute?  All that I did was make the little parachutes with some paper and some twine.

I’d still like to add a few more things, but it’s a good start.  At least our wee girl has something interesting to look at now.

More on the Sock Summit

Filed under: Inspiration, Knitting, Travel | Tags: | August 2nd, 2011

I ended up going to one 3 hour class with Zoe.  It was on “fanciful crochet edging”.

It was an interesting class for me and a good intro to crochet.  However, I’m glad that I didn’t sign up for more classes at the Sock Summit because Zoe wanted cuddles for about 1/2 of the class.  No worries though, I think I picked up enough of the basics by listening and watching.  And I can probably watch some youtube videos to figure out the rest.

In addition to the classes and lectures, there was a fantastic marketplace selling yarn, notions, and knitting/crochet/spinning tools.  It was fantastic!  We had lots of fun looking at the wares (and trying to resist making purchases).

So many wonderful skeins of yarn to choose from…I may have bought a few…

Even Zoe got her very own little skein.

Our very own little k.i.t. (knitter in training)!

Fleece to Foot Challenge

Filed under: Inspiration, Travel | Tags: | August 2nd, 2011

We had a fabulous Sock Summit Weekend.  Fun, fun, fun!  A knitters paradise!  Apparently there were over 1900 Sock Summit Attendees…wow!  Most of the participants were women, but there were a few men and babies who also attended the conference.  I had a chat with one young couple – the man told me that he and his wife were just trying to decide if he was there by choice or not.  I love it!

There were also some four legged friends who attended the show.  The Sock Summit would not have be complete without some sheep!  Baaaa!

These guys were used for a “Fleece to Foot” challenge.  For this competition, six teams competed against each other to knit a pair of socks…starting with fleece fresh off the sheep!  The prize is a donation to the team’s charity of choice.

In one day, the sheep are shorn, the fleece is carded and spun, and a pair of socks are knit.  When we went by, the teams were in the process of spinning the yarn and knitting up the  socks.  Here is one group of ladies hard at work.

Apparently it was sticky work.  I guess that the fleece is normally cleaned before it is carded, spun and knit.  One of the participants was telling us that it was pretty gooey working with the “dirty” fleece.  What a great event!


Weird Portland

Filed under: Inspiration, Travel | Tags: | August 1st, 2011

A fitting sign for a city that hosts a Sock Summit:

Laura spotted that sign across the street from Voodoo Donuts…another one of Portland’s weird institutions…

…and in the line up for Voodoo Donuts…we spotted another weird sight…

…another knitter knitting…

What a weird and wonderful city!